Guest Posts & Articles gives you the chance to publish a guest article or post. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain a name on a local level with our UK focused web domain. The service is totally cost-free, but there are some prerequisites.


  • article content must be 500 words or more and must be written in an informative way
  • article authenticity must pass Copyscape (copied articles, spin articles are NOT accepted)
  • article content must NOT relate to gambling, adult, pharmaceutical, hate or anything deemed illegal in UK or unethical
  • any external links within the article will be marked as <<sponsored>> – maximum 1 outbound link towards the writer website
  • article content must be written in local language of the domain – English
  • we reserve the right to make changes to the article posted by including images or relevant links to other articles

We reserve the right not to publish content on All posts that do not conform to our quality standards or any other requirements will be removed.

Other SEO Recommendations

We know that many people want to publish content to gain backlinks to their main website. We accept backlink inclusion but it will be marked as sponsored. However, it will have SEO benefits since it’s a link from a new domain. This creates links that are diverse for the owner.

There are many more options for SEO than you might think.

HowToSEO.Guide site for excellent SEO opportunities, such as backlink tools to help you locate guest blog opportunities as well as increase link diversity. content tools that allow you to create quickly authentic articles and research tools to improve your SERPs by using new keywords.

Guest Posting Tips

If you’re not sure how to make a successful guest blog it is important to identify the area you’re in and how to market yourself. Although it could seem overwhelming at first, the process is actually very simple. There are a variety of resources which can help you find a targeted audience and target your message. For success, authenticity is the key tip. You will need to alter your approach if you aren’t able to effectively communicate your message.

The first suggestion is to not make your guest blog posts solely about you. Although you’re able to mention your company in the author bio, the bulk of your article should not be focused on your company. If you’re not sure how to go about this then you can utilize tools like Digg and Oktopus to identify the most popular blogs that will accept guest posts. Once you’ve found the best blog in your area, it’s time to begin creating guest posts. Once you’ve received requests, be sure to proofread your posts.

When you’ve picked the perfect blog for your guest post, you need to know what the demographic of the blog is like. Your guest post must have subjects that are pertinent to their target audience. Utilizing social media platforms such as Digg and Oktopus can assist you in finding the most popular blog content on the Internet. Now you can pitch your post once you have all the information. Be aware that your guest blog is intended to aid their readers, not your own brand.